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I Want To Know More About Breast Swelling In Men

Sometimes, some mammary gland tissue can grow in men. It can be done on one side but also on both sides. It is usually a flat round swelling in one breast or in both breasts. The disc-shaped swelling is located behind the nipple and feels elastic. The swelling can be sensitive or hurt.

In newborns, adolescents and men over 50 years of age this is usually a natural phenomenon.

The medical name is gynecomastia.

What are causes of breast swelling in men?

The cause of chest swelling in a man is slight disruption of the balance between female hormones (estrogens) and male hormones (androgens). The estrogens predominate, resulting in growth of mammary gland tissue.

In babies, in puberty and in old age, this is something natural:

Newborn babies: A baby gets estrogen from the mother in the womb. This hormone can cause chest swelling. The swelling usually disappears before the child is 1 year old.
In puberty: The hormonal balance is temporarily different. Estrogen also dominates here. Breast gland tissue may also be extra sensitive to estrogens. Then the glandular tissue can grow without estrogen predominating.
Men older than 50 years: With them, less androgens are made, and more estrogens.

Other possible causes of breast swelling in men are:

medicines such as antidepressants, stomach medications, heart medications and hormones for cancer
dietary supplements: this sometimes contains a type of oestrogens or anabolic steroids
anabolic steroids
drugs: cannabis and amphetamine
a disease, such as obesity, a liver disease, kidney disease, a too rapid thyroid gland or a tumor.
Treatment of breast swelling in men

In newborns and adolescents, no treatment is usually required in case of swelling. The breast swelling usually disappears automatically:

in a newborn baby within the first year of life
with most boys in puberty within 2 years

In men older than 50, breast swelling often does not disappear. If you find the swelling disruptive, surgery can offer a solution.

Is the swelling possibly the result of medication, dietary supplements, anabolic steroids or drugs? Then perhaps it is an idea to, if possible, a month to stop and see if the swelling disappears.

For other causes of breast swelling, treatment of the cause is usually required. Visit for more treatment options on gynecomastia.

When should I contact a man with a chest swelling?

Contact your doctor in these situations:

You are between 16 and 50 years old and have breast swelling.
The swelling of your chest (s) has developed in a short time.
In addition to breast swelling, you also have other complaints, such as red, glowing skin with swelling and / or fever.
Your blood comes out of your nipple (bloody).
You worry about the swelling of the chest.

Healthy Eating, Healthy Brain

Our brains use as much as 20 percent of our energy. Specific nutrients are necessary for proper development and functioning of the brain. By eating the right food you keep your brain in top condition.

Even before birth, the brain needs certain building materials for proper development: a shortage of building and nutrients causes the brain to develop less well. But a lack of energy also affects the brain. If you have less energy your brain will function less. For example, you become forgetful or have difficulty concentrating.

Much research is being done into the effect of specific foods on the brain. Not every connection is equally clear, in some cases there are only indications and for many foods the direct effect on the brain is still unknown.

Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are indispensable for the construction and functioning of the brains. Especially the unsaturated omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA are important. The fatty acids are part of the walls of cells and ensure that cells transmit each other signal. A deficit thus leads to poorer communication between brain cells with reduced concentration and forgetfulness as a result. There are even indications that too few omega-3 fatty acids are associated with disorders such as depression,ADHD, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease.

DHA and EPA are common in oily fish such as herring, mackerel, sardine, salmon and anchovies. So eat oily fish once or twice a week. This is not only healthy, but also good for the brain.


The body needs vitamins and minerals every day in order to function properly. This is also the brain. B vitamins (especially B1, B6, B11 / folic acid and B12) are necessary for the nerve cells. They help to produce signal substances between the cells and keep the greasy shell (myelin sheath) around the nerve cells intact. Swallowing vitamin B supplements can have a positive effect on cognition . It is unclear whether this effect will continue in the long term.

A vitamin B deficiency can cause problems to the nervous system. Korsakov’s syndrome is a well-known example. This syndrome is the result of a vitamin B 1 deficiency and excessive alcohol consumption. Pregnant women nowadays are advised to take folic acid (B11) to prevent an open spine (spina bifida) in the child.

American research has shown that vitamin C and E protect against dementia. These vitamins are antioxidants. Other antioxidants , including in broccoli, potatoes, spinach, oranges, apples and radishes, seem to limit damage to the brain.


Zinc, iodine and iron play a role in the development and functioning of the brain. Especially during growth, a shortage of one of these minerals can lead to disruptions. A child develops less well because of this.

Iodine is added to bread and sometimes to kitchen salt. It is naturally present in fish and (a bit) in eggs. Iron is found in meat, fish, grains, potatoes, legumes and beans. Zinc is found in meat, cheese, cereals, bread, nuts, shrimps and mussels.


Some foods have no beneficial effect on the brain at all. Alcohol, drugs and cigarettes give a lot of people a pleasant feeling, but also addictive and can be harmful to the brain. Especially when the brain is still under development. Smoking and drugs often have a negative effect on concentration. Soft drugs can also reduce short-term memory and logical thinking. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to unconsciousness and destruction of brain cells. In addition, alcohol has a negative effect on the sleep pattern.

Yet alcohol also seems to be positive for our brain. There are indications that moderate alcohol consumption reduces the risk of dementia or stroke . Alcohol has a relaxing effect on the blood vessels, resulting in better circulation of the brain.


The effect of caffeine in coffee , tea and cola is also twofold. Research shows that men who drank three cups of coffee a day had less deterioration of cognition. More coffee does not increase this effect. Too much coffee can even be harmful. There are indications of a link between coffee and migraine.


Extra intake of fatty acids, vitamins or minerals to improve cognition, in many cases makes little difference. Long-term high doses can even have a negative effect on health. A balanced diet is generally sufficient to get these nutrients. The Mediterranean diet is a good example of a healthy diet, also for the brain. Varied food is also recommended.

for more details about healthy brain visit – website

With These 7 Tips, You Lose Weight Quite Easily

How to diet, knows every child now. Without waiver, however, it never goes. We reveal how you can lose kilos in everyday life.

For many women it has been said once in a while to strictly diet , because a few pounds less on the hips (if they are too much!) Is also good for health Would not it just this stupid renunciation of all the goodies! Constantly you have to be careful that you can withstand the temptations everywhere, healthy cooks and after the hard work still doing sports. Dieting to lose weight always means sacrifice and effort. But does it have to be that way? No! We reveal 7 tips, with which one can lose weight and without much renunciation in everyday life.

1. No detox

Sounds weird, because where you go and is a detox juice spa praised, but really useful is not, you believe nutritionists and experts. Thus, a detox cure does nothing but wreak havoc on the body and is therefore unhealthy rather than healthy. Anything that should make you happier, healthier, leaner, and stronger within seven days should be called into question. The purse is also spared if you let your fingers off such expensive cures.

2. No prohibitions

Anyone who has already dieted knows that if certain foods are banned, they will be eaten! If then comes the bad conscience, one is more inclined to eat the same all the chocolate , because after a piece of the “forbidden fruit” it does not matter anyway. A total ban on less healthy foods is therefore pointless and sooner or later leads to a relapse. Enjoy it here and there and still not lose sight of the goal.

3. Step by Step

Those who want to lose weight with change in diet from one day to the next and suddenly give up everything that is unhealthy. But that’s exactly what often fails many! Experts therefore recommend slowly changing the dietary habits step by step. First a meal, then the second and so on. It is best to consider in advance which meal change has the greatest effect on the desired goal.

4. Always slow


Sport is just as important as nutrition in order to stay healthy, to become or just to lose weight. Anyone who sets out to go to sports five times a week and gives them full power will soon reach their limits. Anyone who has never done sports before or wants to start again after a long time should therefore take it easy and gradually increase it. Going to the gym twice a week, then three times after four weeks, and so on. And maybe not right now choose the power cycling course, but swing on the treadmill.

5. Eat only for special occasions

Those who cook at home have the control over how healthy or unhealthy the dish is. So who wants to lose weight, should prepare a lot himself fresh. Eating out is rather difficult, because you never know which products are used and especially what unnecessary, unhealthy additives are included. To eat in a restaurant should therefore definitely be an exception and special occasions reserved – which may already be the weekend.

6. To-do list

Those who have a stressful everyday life tend to postpone the workout rather than do it. It helps to make a to-do list that provides an accurate overview of the daily workload and time available for a workout. Planning also helps to ultimately do that.

7. Avoid unnecessary snacks

Anyone working in the office, from time to time, feels the need to get up and take a little break. Many associate this with a snack. Just walk into the cafeteria, stretch your legs and get a chocolate bar. Even if you are not hungry! Taking a break is not a problem, but skip the snack if you’re not really hungry. Get a coffee , chat with a colleague – that too is a short break.

Tips For Healthy Skin Without Wrinkles

Flabby skin, wrinkles and pigmentation spots: everyone gets involved in getting older. It is not very sexy, but unfortunately inevitable. Skin aging is a natural process that we can not stop or stop. But what we can happily do is slow down the skin aging process.

Skin aging: healing is better than prevention

Many people think that you should use a wrinkle cream at the first wrinkles. This is certainly not true, here is true “prevention is better than cure”. In fact, if you start taking care of your skin from the age of forty, you are already too late.

Once the wrinkles are there, no cream or other natural solution can help you get rid of those wrinkles. That is why it is important to start with an anti-aging treatment routine between the age of 20 and 30. In that age phase, the aging process starts, even though the signs are only visible around your fortieth.

Causes of skin aging

How fast your skin shows signs of aging depends on your behavior and your genes.

Skin aging is a natural process

When aging, a number of processes in the skin change. The epidermis becomes thinner and the number of blood vessels in the skin becomes smaller. The production of collagen decreases, causing the skin to lose its elasticity. This causes wrinkles. Sebaceous glands also cause less and less sebum, which ensures dry skin . Dry skin is more sensitive to wrinkles and spots. Pigment spots are caused by the pigment cells becoming less well distributed over the skin as they age. This creates lighter and darker spots. Genetic factors play a major role in skin aging: one skin gets old faster than the other.

Sunlight and smoking

It is generally known that too much sunlight on the skin is bad. You can get cancer from the UV rays in sunlight, but these rays also ensure faster skin aging. This is because the UV radiation in sunlight damages connective tissue and elastin fibers, causing wrinkles to form more quickly. Substances that smokers receive through cigarette smoke have the same effect.

Slow down the skin aging process

You can not stop the skin aging process but slow down. You do this by starting on time with the right care and a healthy lifestyle.

Anti-wrinkle creams

Begin between your twentieth and thirtieth years of age by smearing anti-wrinkle cream. There are also day and night creams with an anti-wrinkle element in them. So you do not have to have too many different creams on your bedside table

Watch out with the sun

Do not go too far in the sun, and always rub yourself with a good sunscreen that has the right factor for your skin. Always lubricate yourself after sunbathing with an after sun and / or a moisturizing body lotion.

Drink enough

Drink about 2 liters of fluid a day and eat a lot of fruit, vegetables and fiber-rich products. Fruits rich with fiber such as avocado provides healthy skin. Salmon is also a good option for fiber rich foods.

Limit unhealthy behavior

Avoid stress, cigarettes, drugs and alcohol as much as possible.

Prevent skin aging with a cosmetic procedure

There are various cosmetic procedures that stimulate the skin to renew and rejuvenate itself. The best known interventions are below.

Chemical peeling

With a chemical peel the upper skin layer is removed. After this peeling the skin recovers and looks like ‘reborn’: fresher and younger. This treatment is good for reducing wrinkles, imperfections, sun damage and acne scars. It is also sometimes possible to treat precursor skin cancer with a peeling.


Dermabrasion is suitable for treating small wrinkles, tattoos, superficial scars as a result of, for example, acne, and minor damage to the skin.


A facelift can help to reverse signs of aging. Such as wrinkles and lines in the face, or sagging cheeks and folds in the neck.

A less intrusive form of a facelift is an S-lift , also called MACS-lift. The S-lift is used in particular for the somewhat milder symptoms of aging.
The above treatments are not intended for people who still have firm and healthy skin. In principle, people under the age of 30 are therefore not treated. If you are older, and consider a treatment, it is wise to remember that the above treatments always carry a certain risk. Wrinkles may not be beautiful, but they are also not bad for health. The question is whether you personally have a lot of problems with it. You do well not to think too lightly about a treatment, and to weigh up the advantages and potential disadvantages.

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