You can hardly imagine it, but people often come up with a different diet. A surprising diet is the diet with a lot of fatty foods … of course, good fats. That fat per gram contains more calories than other foods and that fat is used in a diet, turns the diet world pretty upside down. According to this diet, it seems that we are concentrating on the wrong things. But how does that work?

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The effect of high-fat versus carbohydrate-rich diets

Fat affects insulin and if you follow a high-fat and low-carbohydrate diet, the body automatically picks up the stored fat to burn and provide your body with energy. Insulin transports glucose, which is the sugar that the body needs for much-needed energy. Sugar and carbohydrates increase insulin levels to a maximum, while proteins and fats do this much less quickly. Although fat has an effect on insulin, it does not have an effect on raising blood sugar levels. It actually does nothing in this area.

Take a plate of rice as an example, this will raise your blood sugar levels considerably. On the other hand, a knob of butter does virtually nothing to your blood sugar levels. This therefore remains constant with fat. The importance of a stable blood sugar level lies in the energy that is “accessible” for use. If the blood sugar level is stable, this is better for the continuity of your functioning and you have less chance of relapse.

What does the high-fat diet do?

By eating a high-fat and low-carbohydrate diet, the body does not daily get what the body can consume on a daily basis (to function) and reserves will be used *. Your body can end up in a ketogenic state ** and as soon as your body knows that it does not get any sugars through the carbohydrates (after all, your body receives fewer carbohydrates and therefore nothing can be consumed), the fat cells in the body are activated. By releasing triglycerides (a type of fat cells in the bloodstream), which can produce fuel, you get the energy to “make the body motor burn”. As soon as your body has to claim this, these fat cells become lighter and smaller. The result is that you lose weight.

When you start to line up, your body will first address the simpler reserves. These are the carbohydrates. That is why a low carbohydrate diet is so popular. These simple reserves are then used immediately and show relatively quick results. Fat reserves are usually consumed much less quickly when you are dieting.

You will not get any peaks and troughs in your blood sugar with this diet. The well-known “valleys” that make people on a diet crave something with a lot of sugar. If you go for it, let us end up in the vicious circle and lose your weight and then gain weight again.

For many, the bottleneck of a diet. Furthermore, fat is less quickly digested by the body, which in turn gives a full feeling longer during your diet. Another psychological effect is that with this diet we can eat things that we really enjoy. This means that we maintain a diet longer than when you (emotionally) on ration.

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