Sometimes, some mammary gland tissue can grow in men. It can be done on one side but also on both sides. It is usually a flat round swelling in one breast or in both breasts. The disc-shaped swelling is located behind the nipple and feels elastic. The swelling can be sensitive or hurt.

In newborns, adolescents and men over 50 years of age this is usually a natural phenomenon.

The medical name is gynecomastia.

What are causes of breast swelling in men?

The cause of chest swelling in a man is slight disruption of the balance between female hormones (estrogens) and male hormones (androgens). The estrogens predominate, resulting in growth of mammary gland tissue.

In babies, in puberty and in old age, this is something natural:

Newborn babies: A baby gets estrogen from the mother in the womb. This hormone can cause chest swelling. The swelling usually disappears before the child is 1 year old.
In puberty: The hormonal balance is temporarily different. Estrogen also dominates here. Breast gland tissue may also be extra sensitive to estrogens. Then the glandular tissue can grow without estrogen predominating.
Men older than 50 years: With them, less androgens are made, and more estrogens.

Other possible causes of breast swelling in men are:

medicines such as antidepressants, stomach medications, heart medications and hormones for cancer
dietary supplements: this sometimes contains a type of oestrogens or anabolic steroids
anabolic steroids
drugs: cannabis and amphetamine
a disease, such as obesity, a liver disease, kidney disease, a too rapid thyroid gland or a tumor.
Treatment of breast swelling in men

In newborns and adolescents, no treatment is usually required in case of swelling. The breast swelling usually disappears automatically:

in a newborn baby within the first year of life
with most boys in puberty within 2 years

In men older than 50, breast swelling often does not disappear. If you find the swelling disruptive, surgery can offer a solution.

Is the swelling possibly the result of medication, dietary supplements, anabolic steroids or drugs? Then perhaps it is an idea to, if possible, a month to stop and see if the swelling disappears.

For other causes of breast swelling, treatment of the cause is usually required.

When should I contact a man with a chest swelling?

Contact your doctor in these situations:

You are between 16 and 50 years old and have breast swelling.
The swelling of your chest (s) has developed in a short time.
In addition to breast swelling, you also have other complaints, such as red, glowing skin with swelling and / or fever.
Your blood comes out of your nipple (bloody).
You worry about the swelling of the chest.

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