For as long as I can keep in mind, I suffer from migraines, and whatever I attempted, nothing helped, nor the prescribed medication from the GP.

Well, I am not in favor of allopathic medicines at all, and I would rather look for natural services, so when the GP might do nothing more for me with regard to my migraine attacks, I chose to throw it over naturally and began on the Web to examine drugs versus migraine. Two things instantly caught the eye, namely turmeric and ginger.

Ginger is a sensible ingredient in every treatment that is all about fighting discomfort, and it is likewise simple to get (just at the grocery store, or better quality through the health shops) as well as easy to use. Just cut off a piece of ginger root and cut into pieces to make a tea.

Turmeric, was a rather bigger challenge, because the active compound in it called curcumin, which combats swelling is poorly absorbable by the body as well as badly soluble in water. Challenging if it needs to be in a tea. Even if you add black pepper to the mix, you increase the consumption of curcumin by just a percent or five. In short, the amount of turmeric you need to consume to obtain an active representative is much expensive to take it rather normal (for control then, not for avoidance).

Fortunately I found the solution in Curcumin water. This is purified (source) water where the substance curcumin is already dissolved, so that you initially get much easier enough of the substance and second of all you are assured of that your body absorbs the complete 100 percent. Suitable!

Equipped with the above knowledge and resources, I started brewing a tea with the following active ingredients:

– Fresh Ginger (a piece the size of your thumb).
– 1 cup of curcumin water.
– 1 bag of black tea (Does not matter which, if just a black one).
– Half teaspoon of cinnamon (to support the analgesic power of ginger).
– 1 teaspoon of cardamom (just for sale in the grocery store).
– Half a cup (Almond/ coconut/ rice) milk.
– Honey to taste (pure to sweeten).
– 2 cups of water.


Put a pan on the fire and pour in the 2 cups of water. Then cut the ginger into pieces and include it together with the cardamom, and the cinnamon. Bring the entire to the boil, so that the ginger launches its recovery substances. Let it stand for 10 minutes then add the black tea and a cup of curcumin water (that has to do with 5ml), and let it simmer for another 2 minutes.


Pour half a cup of the tea (Via a sieve or similar) into a cup, fill it with the milk and include the honey. The result is a tea that tastes terrific, and you have enough for two cups/ mugs. Drink it one after the other, take a rest to let your body work. After about half an hour the migraine has vanished.

Keep in mind 1: I do unknown if it comes through the tea, however given that I began using the tea about 6 months ago, the frequency of the migraine attacks has actually also decreased, and at the time of this writing my last migraine attack is currently another fat two months ago. However, I must discuss that I drink this tea daily, because I just enjoy it!

Note 2: I myself use the above specifically versus migraine, but this tea is especially effective with any kind of pain. It likewise assists, for instance, exceptional versus the rheumatic pains of my wife who takes this tea twice a day if she has a great deal of problems. This tea can actually replace routine pain relievers and has actually done so in my home.