How to diet, knows every child now. Without waiver, however, it never goes. We reveal how you can lose kilos in everyday life.

For many women it has been said once in a while to strictly diet , because a few pounds less on the hips (if they are too much!) Is also good for health Would not it just this stupid renunciation of all the goodies! Constantly you have to be careful that you can withstand the temptations everywhere, healthy cooks and after the hard work still doing sports. Dieting to lose weight always means sacrifice and effort. But does it have to be that way? No! We reveal 7 tips, with which one can lose weight and without much renunciation in everyday life.

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1. No detox

Sounds weird, because where you go and is a detox juice spa praised, but really useful is not, you believe nutritionists and experts. Thus, a detox cure does nothing but wreak havoc on the body and is therefore unhealthy rather than healthy. Anything that should make you happier, healthier, leaner, and stronger within seven days should be called into question. The purse is also spared if you let your fingers off such expensive cures.

2. No prohibitions

Anyone who has already dieted knows that if certain foods are banned, they will be eaten! If then comes the bad conscience, one is more inclined to eat the same all the chocolate , because after a piece of the “forbidden fruit” it does not matter anyway. A total ban on less healthy foods is therefore pointless and sooner or later leads to a relapse. Enjoy it here and there and still not lose sight of the goal.

3. Step by Step

Those who want to lose weight with change in diet from one day to the next and suddenly give up everything that is unhealthy. But that’s exactly what often fails many! Experts therefore recommend slowly changing the dietary habits step by step. First a meal, then the second and so on. It is best to consider in advance which meal change has the greatest effect on the desired goal.

4. Always slow


Sport is just as important as nutrition in order to stay healthy, to become or just to lose weight. Anyone who sets out to go to sports five times a week and gives them full power will soon reach their limits. Anyone who has never done sports before or wants to start again after a long time should therefore take it easy and gradually increase it. Going to the gym twice a week, then three times after four weeks, and so on. And maybe not right now choose the power cycling course, but swing on the treadmill.

5. Eat only for special occasions

Those who cook at home have the control over how healthy or unhealthy the dish is. So who wants to lose weight, should prepare a lot himself fresh. Eating out is rather difficult, because you never know which products are used and especially what unnecessary, unhealthy additives are included. To eat in a restaurant should therefore definitely be an exception and special occasions reserved – which may already be the weekend.

6. To-do list

Those who have a stressful everyday life tend to postpone the workout rather than do it. It helps to make a to-do list that provides an accurate overview of the daily workload and time available for a workout. Planning also helps to ultimately do that.

7. Avoid unnecessary snacks

Anyone working in the office, from time to time, feels the need to get up and take a little break. Many associate this with a snack. Just walk into the cafeteria, stretch your legs and get a chocolate bar. Even if you are not hungry! Taking a break is not a problem, but skip the snack if you’re not really hungry. Get a coffee , chat with a colleague – that too is a short break.

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